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Our Services
Meeting or exceeding expectations is our goal.
Our Services
We offer numerous services to our clients, some of which are outlined below. If there's a service you need performed just ask us. If it's not something we can do, we may be able to suggest some alternative sources.
  1. System Design/Integration
    We begin by opening a dialog with you to determine what you need your system to do. Whether you have general computing tasks in mind or something more demanding like gaming or video editing we can choose components that best fit your needs and design and build a system that meets or exceeds your requirements. Many of our clients have told us that our systems are "the best we've ever had"
  2. System Upgrades
    We begin by determining why your system isn't meeting your needs, locate the bottleneck, and explain why a proposed upgrade will resolve the issue. Whether the issue is RAM, storage, bandwidth, or processing power, we can provide solutions that work at competitive prices.
  3. System Diagnostics/Repairs
    We can rapidly evaluate your system to determine whether your issue is hardware or software related and provide targeted solutions.
  4. Data Recovery/Transfer
    We understand that in many cases the data you have stored on your system is more valuable to you than the system itself. If you have a failing storage component we can create a forensic image it (to minimize further wear and tear) and recover data from that snapshot. This process can often recover the necessary data at a fraction of the cost, saving you the time and expense of shipping the drive to a certified clean room who will charge you $100 just to evaluate the drive.
  5. Forensic Imaging
    Law enforcement sometimes needs to determine what is on a storage media. In instances such as this it's critical that the evidence remain unchanged. Even booting a system can change the content of a drive. We can create an exact bit level forensic image of the storage media in question without any change to the content. We can then search that image for specific content if desired.
  6. Onsite Service
    Some issues are best analyzed at your location. Connectivity issues may appear to be system level when in actuality they are caused by another piece of equipment at your location. We offer on site service in DeKalb County at the low price of $75 per hour. (1 hour minimum charge)
  7. Shop Service
    In shop service is available at the low price of $45 per hour (1 hour minimum charge). We also offer pickup and delivery for a minimal fee in our service based on mileage.
  8. Consulting Service
    Consulting Service is available at the low price of $100 per hour (1 hour minimum charge). This is an excellent choice if you aren't sure how to best navigate the options available in order to achieve your desired results.
  9. Research Services
    Do you have a specific need that's not being met? Contact me via the Contact Page and let me know what you need. I can conduct research on your behalf at a reasonable rate. $45 per hour (1 hour minimum charge)